Edging Out The Hospitality Competition

Thinking outside of the box.

Every year, hotels and resorts are scored against surveys by their millions of guests.  These surveys target in-room technology, concierge experience, amenities, food, spa, weight room, and even the parking experience.   With no stone left unturned, hotels are ultimately looking for ways to innovate the guest experience.


Some hotels will try to be innovative by putting red and green lights over parking stalls so guests can easily find parking, and others will do this by presenting hotel content on in-room TV’s. There are others who go with a mobile app, those who provide computers to guests in the lobby, and some will even do this with some sort of ATM-like lobby kiosk.


The problem is that all the available solutions just don’t cut the mustard. It smells as if someone is cutting corners instead. As history and age and wisdom have a strong place in this world, living in the past has no place for innovation and frankly, the current solutions out there today for hotels are simply not what we would call nirvana.


So what happens when you throw it all out the door and your mission is to innovate something so pure, so simple, so expected, but deliver it with the most advanced technology with a few unexpected surprises?  This is our bliss, this is our Nervana.


Situated on the Magnificent Mile, one of the City of Chicago’s most noted landmarks is the 24-karat gold leaf accented Carbide and Carbon Building.  Few buildings in the world can share the legendary status of this historic, beautifully architected building.  This is the home of Hard Rock Hotel Chicago.


In a building that dates back to 1929, how does the Hard Rock Hotel extend its current lobby services and experiences into a digital form that does not take away from the human touch, the rock and roll brand, and the ultra-cool-factor that all Hard Rocks are known for?  Hard Rock searched high and low and talked to multiple vendors about jumping the curve and truly differentiating themselves from all 20 top hotels, all located just a stone’s throw away.


With the majority of available technologies created for in-room utilization, Hard Rock Hotel Chicago looked to attack the lobby first.  Both Hard Rock and Nervana started from scratch.  Originally drawing from year old concepts, they scrapped it all and went with a completely new design featuring a new experience that offers all the hotel’s service offerings at guests’ fingertips.  Forget describing it in words, just watch the video and see why Hard Rock thinks it’s amazing.