Smart Platform

The Nervana Cloud

In our state of Nervana, we know that software and hardware are only tools.  Anyone can write software.  There are coders the world over, churning out programs that mutter to their users, “fill in the box, click the button.”  This kind of thinking is absolutely forbidden in the offices of Nervana.


Our unique value is in our absolute mastery of experiential design, marrying emotional interaction with content, commerce, and the multidimensional messaging our clients wish to convey to the world.


Nervana’s unmatched solutions combine peerless touch technology with  complete understanding of the value and experience our clients wish to offer their customers.  We extend that value with feel, with connection, with the emotional appeal of an interface that touches back as much as it is touched.


Our unequaled offering, the Nervana Cloud, is neither a concept nor even a plan; it is a platform that is already up and operational. Dynamic, and capable of delivering powerful content in an unprecedented experiential package of interface and ingenuity, the Nervana Cloud is business-proven ready, serving our customers in multiple industries, connecting them with their patrons with a powerful selection of messages.


The platform is the engine, the analytics, the power to receive and to deliver. The interfaces are simply, and elegantly, the windows into that platform.  The Ghost Wall, the iMage Menus, the Mix Boards, they are the rays of light shining through our Cloud.


Embody and Evolve


The Nervana Cloud is also ROI-ready;  it doesn’t just deliver the platform you need for conveying a valuable message, but also includes the ability to calculate your impact.  In what way do visitors interact with your message?  How often?  What interactions resonate?  Which content brings them back for more?  What is the best way to perfect your message, so users return, over and over, continually helping you to fine-tune your own offering (and ours)?


We haven’t limited ourselves to simple analytics, to base metrics.  Nervana’s intelligent platform helps you calculate the impressions you make, as well as the impressions made upon you, thereby guiding you in moving forward.


Attract those eyeballs, engage them, let them learn from you as you learn from them, and create the path for them to return and do it all over again.


Measure your current success, and build the foundation for your future successes.  This is the brilliance of the Nervana Cloud.


Our Solutions


Nervana’s offerings all represent the same unique, intelligent platform, attainable through a rich variety of interfaces and servicing a choice of environments.

  • An unforgettable welcome
  • Vital user functions such as mapping, registration, event listings, weather and airline info, merchandise catalog, and other options
  • Social media feed
  • A memorable branding experience



In our customer venues we clearly see how the Ghost Wall, a touch-driven glass concierge, attracts people to interact with it, in order to scroll, drill down, and quickly navigate to the information they need, all with just a fingertip.  Users of the Wall quickly come to identify their location with this unique, fun experience.  It greets them, then compels them forward, helping them to explore their options.


The Ghost Wall provides not a static list of data, but a highly experiential relationship between people and dynamic content.


An additional option: a high-speed camera with which visitors can take their own picture and instantly send it to themselves via email.  Statistics on pictures, as well as every other usage, are readily available to managers to enable them to measure interactions and identify trends among visitors.


Nervana Mix Boards are dynamic, multi-touch screens for mounting in strategic, high traffic locations on college or corporate campuses. These weather-proofed screens provide necessary functions such as

  • Mapping
  • Event listings and registration
  • Organizational messages
  • Emergency bulletins


Content can be submitted by various parties, approved by authorized staff, then dynamically and centrally controlled across multiple Boards.  Additions, modifications, and deletions are handled from an intuitive console and immediately show up on all Boards.


Simple mistake? Inappropriate material slip through and finally get caught? Review, refit, and rebroadcast in an instant. Nervana Mix Boards are inviting and informative to new visitors, comforting and useful to residents, perfect ambassadors to anyone on your grounds.  Mix Boards tell the world you are modern, connected, willing and able and savvy enough to reach out and be reached.


Nervana Image Menus provide a fun, accurate, and cost effective option for ordering food and beverages in a way that totally amps up the way people dine out.  Hosted on ubiquitous iPads, our Image Menus are absolutely unequaled in the hospitality industry.  They boast an interface that’s as easy for restaurants to manage as it is for their guests to use. With the innovative Nervana Image Menu, dining establishments can offer a whole new way of selling the value and variety of their kitchens, bars, and cellars while providing a memorable ordering experience. Visitors will want to order more just for the fun of using the menus.


Unlike other products on the market, Nervana’s Image Menu provides a scrolling, multi-tab interface that allows patrons to quickly traverse multiple selections, including descriptions and full-color photos, as well as more detailed information on their selections.


Diners can flip up and down to find the right category (appetizers, entrees, desserts, drinks, wine), then side-to-side to find their selection before adding it to the cart and looking for their next item. Once the selections are made an order can be placed directly from the iPad. It’s also a great option for group ordering, which is why we’re such a hit with sushi.  It runs on accessible technology instead of proprietary hardware.


Nervana adds another dimension to social ordering. Right on the Image Menu, check out your best bets for food and drinks based on recommendations from ratings sites or social networking. See who’s ordering what inside the restaurant that day. Grab a drink based on your mood. Leverage social media and customer feedback to convey what makes your venue special. Guests can check out suggestions from Yelp, Facebook and other outlets, and rankings from wine experts.  More than a menu, it’s a closed loop linking personal, venue, and social recommendations for the perfect dining experience.  A previous diner’s recommended choice can become a new diner’s successful culinary adventure.


Nervana’s Image Menu doesn’t just tell patrons what’s available; it presents, it engages, it influences. Portray your specials in their best light.  The Image Menu captures guests’ emotions: satisfaction, happiness, disappointment.  It measures their engagement and allows venues to track downward trends quickly before they impact the bottom line, and to discover good trends to capitalize on.


Nervana Image Menus are easy to roll out. All menus are managed from a central website and are as simple to arrange as a Facebook page; upload pictures, write descriptions, set a price, and you’re done. Our hospitality experts, well versed in the food and beverage industry (including a deep knowledge of wines), are also available to help get that initial menu off the ground. We’ll even stage and collect flattering photos of your food to illustrate your offerings. Our Image Menus also offer full integration with POS systems, or can operate in hybrid mode for venues which are still embracing the digital revolution. The dining experience has been completely reimagined in Nervana’s unmatched design and delivery.