Tradition is history.

First picture how it’s always been done. You have a message, a list, a menu, a form. You publish it on a standard screen. You await input, some typing and submitting, and then you process the transaction. Create a record, kick off a response, and when you’ve processed enough, you print a report. This is how things have gone down since the first computer was drafted for business purposes.


But in the era of the Social Web, in the state of Nervana, you can re-imagine the concept of engagement, of customer service, of wish fulfillment. Traditional interfaces, interactions and reactions are history. Patrons at our deployed sites at restaurants, hotels, lounges and campuses have experienced our vision and know what it means to truly touch the hearts and values of their hosts.


For example, it’s not enough to reproduce a menu on an iPad, with static selections and an “order” button. Our design makes browsing, selecting, and ordering a whole new experience. We bring the menu onto a single canvas so the notion of drilling down similar to the old mentality on a PC does not exist in our DNA. Everything is elegantly brought to the surface and the user just moves the menu up, down, left, and right. Super intuitive, yet fun to use.


In the time of Nervana, you don’t wait for a visitor. You reach out and grab that visitor, wholly and effectively engage him, measure his touch, and constantly evolve how you react. This is the way you capture and keep your guests, your clients, your prospects. This is how you convert the Potential to the Real. Our platform, the Nervana Cloud, provides the platform, the metrics, the conduit for your clients to experience your value. Nervana dreams it for you, so they will come to you.