Capture their hearts and minds.

It used to be expensive to get the word out. The first printing press was used for producing bibles. Then came newspapers. Finally there were commercial flyers.


Radio added an amazing new medium. There were no radio shows without sponsors. TV was virtually same medium, only with pictures. Seriously, same value prop, same format, only visual.


And what else was common between printing presses, radio, and TV? Commerce dictated the medium. It’s what they had, so it’s what you got.


The web changed all that. Content became on demand. You didn’t get it unless you wanted it. Except for crawls. Okay, and pop-up ads. And those giant messages that cover up the content you just clicked on. Fine, except for all that.


But you get the message. Viewers and consumers suddenly had more control beyond an on/off switch. They could now dictate what they’d see and when they’d see it.


Sounds great. And empowering. It not only took the control away from commerce, it also raised the bar for capturing short attention spans. I have to drag you to my content, and make it compelling enough for you to stay LONG enough for me to make my pitch.


All the while, those short attention spans keep getting shorter. Entertain me, dazzle me, make me say “wow” within the first few seconds or else I will hit the back button or click on one of my favorites. Generation D doesn’t always know what it wants, but it decides in a hurry what it does NOT want.


This doesn’t just mean pretty pictures. You can’t replace tired, old media with simple animation or Comic Sans headlines. It’s about reach, about connection. You must, must, must touch something inside your guests. You’re not delivering stale content, you are invoking an emotion, prompting a response. Get them to feel what you’re feeling, to like what you create, to interact with your ideas.


It’s not your radio or TV. It’s their medium of choice. Whatever device or screen or pointer they’ve picked up, it’s your obligation to dance on it. They need a meaningful experience that joins their desire to feel with your need to tell a story.


Nervana’s smart platform of emotion and communication, exposed through our unique touch interfaces, gives you that marketing and selling edge. With our intense research and proven experience providing these emotive experiences to Gen D, we are your launchpad to this class of citizen that doesn’t remember when there were no mobile phones, that orders half their stuff online, that validates every whim on Facebook, that will one day forget what a keyboard is.


And once that message has been received, digested, and acted upon (for good or bad), we tell you what just happened. Did the person who got your message react? How did they react? Did anything meaningful come from it? How do you better than message, for a more effective result next time?


How do you capture hearts and minds? The Nervana Cloud, our intelligent platform for touch and tell, for marketing, messaging, and meaning, creates the multi-dimensional experience between you and those you want to reach. Talk to us about how we can empower you to communicate your ideas to your target audience for maximum effect and feeling.