Comprehensively successful results.

In the old, old days, manufacturers built only what people needed. In more modern times, they made things that they thought people might like. As things progressed, they did studies, even convened those quaint focus groups, to study where they should invest, so they could build with less risk.


Our customers know their space. But at Nervana, we know the value of experience. With our deep background in providing that experience and measuring the interactions, with a design based on two-way emotion, we surpass the notion of request fulfillment. We influence user decisions. We guide your clients, we recommend. We measure the response and amend the appeal.


Focus groups feel around in the dark. They don’t know what they want. They can’t imagine new concepts. They don’t lead so much as they bounce around ideas and hope they stick to something. Nervana’s idea of focus is assessing real people and their experiences with real-world solutions, in real-world, real-time environments. Our approach has been confirmed by:


Live deployments

True feedback

Validating metrics towards an ever-improving path


There’s nothing to be gained from hosting traditional content (eg. Menus) in non-traditional formats (eg. iPads) without making the revolutionary leap to the truly experiential. Content presentation, interactions, and responses must all occur dynamically, and result in an overall dynamic event, producing an emotional effect with the objective of:


Attracting return visits

Driving up sales

Measuring the success of campaigns or events



Nervana’s powerful grasp of business requirements and their union with experiential design multiplies the impressions our clients wish to make, creating memorable collisions of commercial and social goals, for a comprehensively successful result.