Student Life Board

Keeping students, faculty, and staff connected.

School campuses are incredibly busy places, with people and groups interacting in a lot of ways. Student clubs, fraternities, social groups want to invite new members to join, and to let the community know what they’re about. The school hosts events and speakers. And there are common services and facilities that not everybody might know about.


Historically, schools have used bulletin boards (with flyers and thumbtacks), and sometimes static television displays, to toss out content on these groups and events, boring material that gets passed by in the hallway. Seminars, movie nights, study sessions, these get lost in the shuffle of paper and corkboard.


So how to liven things up? How to truly draw attention to groups and events and services? How to make students and visitors want to walk up and find out what they need to know, and what the school wants them to know?

Nervana’s Student Life Mixboard is that beautiful gateway to all things about the school. With a unique, inviting look and feel, the Mixboard (displayed on a large-format touch-screen) invites passers-by to reach out and find their way, look up an activity or group, and participate in happenings they might otherwise never hear about. Wayfinding, weather, current events, calendar, and both static and dynamic events.


Clubs and services never go away, but some items, such as speaking events and presentations, are time-sensitive. Through the user-friendly console, administrators can easily upload graphics, textual information, links, even invites to register. And these items can be configured to automatically expire and disappear from the board once they’ve occurred.  Multiple boards can be managed from a single console, so that content can be instantly published to multiple locations. Corrections, additions, deletions can all be handled from one place.


Students and staff can also use a web-based  form to submit content for approval and auto-upload as well. In addition, visitors to the board can use a short URL or QR code to load a mobile version to their phones.


Nervana’s Student Life Mixboard is an incredible, powerful tool for not only getting out the word, but doing it in a way that has a huge visual and tactile impact, inviting participation, and showing students and visitors that the campus is reaching out to the community in a meaningful, functional, and modern fashion.