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Changing how schools attract great students.

Greet. Engage. Memorable. (GEM) Fitting acronym to an internal secret skunkworks project within the Nervana camp to bring all our “sexy wow cool factor” that we build in all our lifestyle marketing and experiential marketing projects and somehow redirect all that “positive and exciting energy into the education market.”


We build marketing and recruiting technologies for world-class companies and the biggest brands in the world. We do this for Lettuce Entertain You, Marriott, Renaissance, Hard Rock Hotel, The Godfrey Hotel, Harrod’s, and many others. Why can’t education-based markets like schools, colleges, and universities be exposed to the latest and greatest marketing technologies that are available today? Really simple. The Education market doesn’t have money. And the only department within a school that usually has money is Athletics.


So there’s the problem. Enrollment is down. Education Budgets are tight. And these institutions cannot afford the same technology that is being used today by major retailers, major hospitality hotels/resorts, and major restaurants. And most high-impact design firms, high-experiential software firms, and high-results marketing companies are completely ignoring the education market.
But just like Apple, the education market is the key to the future. Future designers, future teachers, future architects, future musicians, future athletes, and future entrepreneurs. Education is now the future of Nervana as well.


And we start our “education” innovation race with an amazing technology that is designed to create the best and most memorable experience for your school’s prospective students. These student candidates want to go to the “cool” school. The school with the best teachers, the best buildings, the best people, the best sports, the best culture, and the best “technology.” The smart people in education get this and won’t stop convincing us that we are doing the right thing bringing affordable “cutting edge” technology to the education market.


GEM Admissions is a technology platform that has one mission and one mission only “To increase enrollment at schools.” GEM Admissions includes a very large interactive touch screen component matched with a mobile component that puts the school’s best information both about the school and about the prospective student into interactive experience that simply cements the school into the prospective students mind and phone :). Just like all the best ideas in the world, it wasn’t thought of by one single person. Typically, the best ideas come from a lot of different people who happen to have the same vision to solving a big problem. We honor and respect both James Wiseman and Debra Jenkins from Carroll University for making this technology real and alive today.



This is one of those technologies that words can never do it justice. So watch the first video and if you like it, watch the second video where a university staff member explains it, and watch the third video where student explains it, and if you like to read more, follow the description text after the jump.


Carroll University GEM Admissions


Carroll University - CIO Debra Jenkins

Carroll University - Admissions Ambassador