Career Services Board

Helping schools help kids find their Nervana.

College is not just the place where young people learn to transition to the outside world. It is where they begin their journey, to build their mental muscles in order to meet the challenge of creating their new lives as adults. But before they can even pursue their path, they must choose that path.


“What do I want to do with myself? What options do I want to give myself? What impact do I want to have on the world, and how do I give myself the tools I need?”


If you’re lucky enough to have it all figured out early on, to know precisely what you want to be in life, that’s fantastic. But the truth is that many kids go away to college with only a tenuous notion of what direction they wish to go, and of course many start with basic courses while they sort out their major. And when a kid (and really, they’re kids) is just finishing that decision on where to go to school, they may need even more help to get started.


Nothing beats the wisdom of those who’ve been there. But ultimately the decision belongs to that young adult. And that’s where information is a friend. That’s why Nervana has provided the Career Board. With a friendly, reassuring, and beautiful look and feel, the Career Board displays for a campus visitor:


Majors available at that school

Career areas and types of jobs possible with that major

Campus staff responsible for that major

Career-related events, job fairs, and recruiting activities


The information is efficiently maintained by campus personnel through an intuitive console, and detailed data can be assimilated from various sources.


With a few swipes of a fingertip, a student can quickly and easily navigate the choices and their benefits, then map out potential future scenarios. If college is the beginning of the rest of a person’s life, the Nervana Career Board is an important tool in choosing the possibilities of that life.