Bonfire Events

Events management simplified.

Corporate events are a real drag. For EVERYBODY. They’re no fun to organize or execute. You’re either stuck creating the materials, organizing the speakers, booking the venue, booking the travel, hauling all the books and tee shirts, getting everybody to and from the talks, getting everybody fed, getting everybody OUT, listening to a motivational mercenary, or you’re smiling as all those poor suckers walk into your hotel, you’re getting them pointed toward the food, pointed toward the cab, being as gracious as you can, hoping the over-worked corporate planner will give you that same business next year.





You bid your family adieu for the better part of a week, and head off to a non-productive, non-revenue-generating, marathon set of seminars. You’re welcomed by a forty-minute wait to check into a strange hotel. On the first day they hand you a pile of binders with the week’s material that you have to haul to each session. Endless rah-rah speeches, corporate sales-speak, cold cut sandwiches, group dinners, and if you’re lucky, a night out to a local restaurant. You take your notes in your binders full of technical or Sales 101 papers, which you’ll stuff into your luggage, never to be looked at again.




You need to get all those people, whose enthusiasm won’t last beyond the first night’s cocktail soiree, to the hotel, squeeze them through check-in, get them fed, get them to and from the various sessions, keep them pumped up, keep them fed, then get them out again. You have to print, collate, and distribute literally hundreds of pounds of bound pages. Those poor zombies will be hitting you up each morning for the same nonsense:



  • Where is the first session?
  • When’s lunch?
  • WHERE’s lunch?
  • Which session am I going to next?
  • When’s dinner?
  • How do we GET to dinner?
  • I’ve got the wrong binder



And it doesn’t end. Multiply this by the hundred or more attendees, and it’s a terrible slog, for the planner and the many corporate citizens who will have to duplicate this effort in another six to twelve months.




As accustomed as you are to hosting large events, it’s still a lot of work. Providing guidance and service to any one event-goer doesn’t score you any points with the rest of them. And attendees often feel entitled, because they know how much their organizations are spending with you. Your concierge, your front desk, your wait staff are all taxed. But you need to show these particular guests extra care, even while taking care of your regular guests. After all, you need to keep event attendees happy, so you can earn next year’s events. If you can’t compete, there are plenty of other hotels and venues ready to steal your event business, which is a huge percentage of your revenue.




How do you:


  • Streamline the mass arrival into a friendly, hassle-free welcome
  • Get everybody organized and pointed in the right direction for sessions, meals, group events, and even free time
  • Help everybody prep for the week’s work, with session info, agenda, and maps literally at their fingertips
  • Provide electronic-only content (forever dropping the piles of binders and booklets) while still allowing attendees to take and keep their notes lined up with their material
  • Integrate all the standard hotel accommodations with event functions for a seamless experience
  • Make sure everybody knows when and how they’re getting out, and on their way home
  • Guarantee every attendee an unforgettably pleasant and unique visit



Bonfire by Nervana does just this, and more. It makes attendees and planners alike one with everything.


Bonfire is our unprecedented platform for managing all content and agenda for any event. Attendees can access all material and event info on their own laptops, or use Nervana’s powerfully unique touch interface on the iPad or smart phone. From the moment they arrive until the moment they leave, they are utterly connected with the venue as well as every function they need for a supremely satisfying experience.
Bonfire by Nervana enables all parties to be plugged in and ready to shine.


Event planners can:


  • Load schedules, speaker bios, session descriptions and locations, maps, and actual session material (docs, spreadsheets, whitepapers) onto the HAPPEN platform
  • Instantly publish bulletins, modifications, competitions, and group event info
  • Instantly collect feedback, surveys, and other attendee input
  • Avoid printing and distributing large piles of paper


Event hosts can:


  • Connect guests with the front desk, concierge, restaurants, fitness facility, transportation, and other normal functions
  • Publish info on meeting and dining rooms, maps, and local attractions
  • Provide details on specials, partner programs, and offers on future visits
  • Take the burden off their staff



Attendees can:


  • Check in online / remotely
  • Register for, find, and provide feedback on sessions
  • Look up details on speakers, sessions, locations, additional documents
  • Read and annotate session material, then send that material to themselves via email, and avoid stuffing their luggage with piles of papers
  • Easily find meeting and dining rooms, hotel facilities, local attractions, and transportation



There has never been a platform like Bonfire by Nervana, for a total fingertip-controlled event experience. No one gets lost. No one is left out or uninformed. Providers and their guests are linked to all venue and event requirements and accommodations, tying the location to the happening, for that excellent branding memory. Your event guests will never forget their time, or the fact that it happened at your particular venue.


Why should you break your back to execute, when you simply want things to happen? Let Nervana make it happen for you. Bonfire provides that natural, friendly gathering experience, and binds it to your venue, so that visitors will always associate your name with the outstanding corporate stay you provided. Be the experience, with Bonfire by Nervana as your guide.




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