Green Statement

In a state of Nervana, it’s easy being green.

They say that when you hike the forest, or climb a mountain, you should take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints.


Well, when using a Nervana touch interface, you take nothing but the experience, and leave nothing but fingerprints.


In our mission to replace inkspot with impulse, we want the only impact to be on your heart and mind, not on the planet. We encourage no paperwork, no hard copies, just interactive touch and dynamic content. With our unique and innovative products, you create and publish your ideas, your business, your outreach to clients, and let them reach back, all without exhausting pen, printer cartridge, or tree. And any modification or oops means hitting a few keys to effect an instant fix, using only electrons.


We’re proud to say that all our solutions, even the imposing Ghost Wall, operate on eco-efficient technology, constructed from recyclable aluminum and drawing a scant 13 watts.
… when using a Nervana touch interface, you take nothing but the experience, and leave nothing but fingerprints


In fact, our central hardware doesn’t just meet EPA energy standards, it beats them by an 80 percent margin, and avoids the use of a desktop-sized plastic footprint and common toxins in its manufacture. It even shows up to our labs in smaller, non-toxic packaging.


Nervana’s touch menu technology replaces leather and paper, and is especially valuable when the chef or bartender get new ideas. Daily special? Exciting new entrée? New vintage in the cellar? Tap some keys, load an image, and all the interfaces are immediately and centrally updated, with no need for wasteful printouts.


Nervana’s Mix Boards allow for electronic submission, approval, and posting of bulletins, events, and other happenings. We’ve done away with thousands of request forms, and tens of thousands of paper flyers and placards that would otherwise be tacked to corkboards, or taped to lightposts and sidewalks. No mess, no waste, and any changes are done by keyboard, not rip and replace.


There’s no such thing as a perfect world. But in our state of Nervana, we try to get as close as we can.