Change the World

When there is balance, there is harmony.

Yin and yang. Dark and light. Wants and needs.  We all have at least two sides. And that’s a good thing.  But if you have balance, you have the drivers you need in life.  Plenty of people go through life working, eating, sleeping. They forget about GIVING.


Nervana champions the idea of giving back to the universe. In conjunction with our charitable contributions, we  reach out. Just as our technology aims at emotion and influence, so do our everyday actions. We want to influence the young, to motivate them to explore their hearts and minds, and to find where their efforts can have the biggest impact.


Giving is part of Nervana’s core values.


At Nervana we have created initiatives to volunteer, to mentor and to teach. Our members help in programs to aid the mentally handicapped, cancer victims, the hungry and homeless. We volunteer at community centers and churches. We also regularly mentor entrepreneurs, to not only help them develop successful business strategies, but to also learn how to influence their corners of the world in a positive way.


You can be disruptive by inventing new technology (which Nervana has done). You can be disruptive by changing the message (which Nervana has done). And you can be disruptive by wanting to change the world (which we try to do).


Change is good.


Just a few short years ago we didn’t have iPhones, iPads, or other personal smart devices. Now we can’t live without them. And we didn’t know we had to have Facebook, Twitter, and FourSquare until they were there. So we have made it our mission to engage others, to let them know how to reach out.


The nation’s largest innovation organization in the country is headquartered in Chicago.  Led by Tom Kuczmarski and Dan Miller, it has redefined the way we celebrate innovation.  The Nervana team has had the privilege to participate in Innovation Workshops for two years in a row in Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Business.  This is part of a give- back program paid for in partnership by the Chicago Innovation Awards and Northwestern University.


We need to make our lives easier, and we need to do that for others as well.  We must conceive and build the architecture of a better life so that we have a platform from which to better the lives of others.


It’s only when we do this that we can achieve our bliss, our Nervana, and be truly happy.


The universe is curved. The best of what we are and what we do will always come back to us.