Differentiation is one thing, giving value to your hotel guests is another. But why not provide both? Hotel guests are plugged in and your hotel is not.  Digital experience is far beyond checking out using your room TV.  It is offering all your hotel services as part of a digital nervous system, where your guests have complete access on multiple connected devices.  Innovation Award Winning Ghost Wall has been recognized by the top usability experts in the world.  See how the Ghost Wall, iPads, and Mobile Phones help you jump the curve over your competition.


Digital Devices are the new windows to the soul of a restaurant.  Paper menus are like radio.  Just as video killed the radio star, iPad Image Menus have arrived as the standard by which all restaurant services will be defined.  Elegant Image Menu experience fused with a pure understanding of how to seamlessly integrate social media and social networks into a highly personalized experience for guests looking to explore, or for guests who know exactly what they want.  Learn how other restaurants just like yours are facing this digital menu revolution head-on.


How about a world-class marketing communications platform on an education-minded budget? The challenge most universities are facing is how to connect to the MILLENIALS. The top schools in the nation have come to Nervana with the question: how do we market our student organization events to all the students? If you have these questions, see how Nervana has interpreted the next generation solution, 100% geared for the MILLENIALS (or what we call GENERATION D). This solution was recognized as one of the Top 75 Innovations of the Year.

Nervana provides stunning solutions to real world problems

Amenities your guests could have never imagined that are simple, yet powerful

  • Engage ..... Enlighten ..... Entertain

    Presenting the millennial standard in design and delivery of touch interfaces

    We are the sanctum of experiential design, providing the new class of attractive, engaging interfaces that grab Generation D and compel them to interact with our clients’ content, in a dynamic and truly memorable way. We reach out and take you literally by the hand.

    The new generation has already digested iPhones, iPads, laptops. With short attention spans and a desire to explore, they quickly bypass anything that looks like the “same old.” Our customers desire to capture those short attention spans, and keep them focused on a branded message. Nervana gives them that hook, that memorable, emotional experience to bind consumers to the message, through an unmatched marriage of software, hardware, and excitement.